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Indianapolis Zoo, The Flying Cupcake, and Doodle Pants!

Indianapolis Zoo, The Flying Cupcake, and Doodle Pants!
This post contains review of items I received in exchange for photos, but – as always – all opinions are my own and I promise to never lead you guys astray!


Come on.  I know you love the zoo as much as I do.  And Indianapolis Zoo has DOLPHINS.  I repeat: DOLPHINS.  Heck. Yes. Dolphins. (Yes, Penelope loved them, too).  We didn’t have as much time to spend at the zoo as I would have liked, but since my folks live in Indy I know we’ll be back.

Zoos are great with Penny; she can sit and watch the same animal all day long, so when there are multiple animals to see and wide open spaces to wander and explore she is in heaven.

Speaking of HeAvEn, this elephant outfit from Doodle Pants melts my heart.  I love Doodle Pants in part because the store I worked at before having Penny sold them, and I am a SUCKER for adorable designs on adorable baby butts.  Doodle Pants are a win/win for me.  Leggings are also great for free range of movement for active babies and toddlers. Again: win/win.

The details on this outfit just slay me.  The balloons carry over to the back of the sweatshirt, as well as a drawn on tail and OMG THERE ARE ELEPHANT EARS.  It’s really fun to watch Penny stomp around in this sweatshirt because she loves watching the ears flop back and forth as she shakes her head with each step.

No momma date is complete with out a fun treat, so after visiting the zoo, we stopped off at The Flying Cupcake.  The Flying Cupcake has a special place in my heart because we took photos at their Broadripple location on our wedding day, so I try to go to one of their locations every time I’m around.

Look! Baby Whitney and Justin!

I was really excited because I read that they now offer DECORATE YOUR OWN DONUTS.  *uhm, hello, PERFECT* Sadly, at the location we went to, donuts (and coffee) are only available on Saturdays and Sundays.  The donuts, by design, and the coffee because their coffee machine was currently on the fritz.

Even though that sort of put a small damper on MOMMY’s treat plans, we got two cupcakes to share.  One for there and one for later.  We went in (and let’s be honest, when I say “we,” I mean I picked what sounded the best even though I wanted every single one they had available) on the SUMMER LOVIN’ and the SALTED CHOCOLATE CARAMEL.


They were delicious.  As usual, the fruit flavored cupcake was my clear favorite, but both were well worth the trip.   Needless to say, Penelope and I made quick work of them.

Another amazing thing about The Flying Cupcake in general, is their amazingly adorable decor.  Paintings with donuts added in? Check.  Wonderfully kitschy vintage decor and furniture? Check.  Bright pops of color everywhere? Double Check.  I love it.  I need them to come make my kitchen as pretty as their shops.  They also sell a vintage style coffee mug with their logo on it that – while I didn’t pick up – I basically need since I’m both obsessed with mugs and their stores.

Next time you find yourself in the Indianapolis area, be sure to visit one of their locations.  I’d say to tell them I sent you, but it won’t get you anything special.  >D


If you love this outfit as much as I do, you can find the Elephant LeggingsHoodie, and Tee shirt here (and you might just recognize the model).

Use code DONUTS20 for 20% off your Doodle Pants orders!

And stayed tuned! I hope to host a giveaway from Doodle Pants soon!