Toddler Craft: Paper Snowflakes


December is the prime time for making paper snowflakes.  Especially because it’s looking a lot like – once again – a White Christmas isn’t something that’s in the cards for us this year.  If I’m being honest, I don’t like a lot of snow. Or cold. Or being bundled into a giant sweater-coat-combo-snowman-shaped-blob just to leave my house. Let’s just say I’m not big on the months from November to February.  Even so, there’s something about a fresh layer of powder around the holidays that still holds magic for me.  I can grump about snow and slush from January into March (or sometimes April here in Chicago), but give me at least ONE GOOD SNOWFALL in December; preferably nearer the 25th.

I made the snowflake in this photo out of a heavier weight craft paper.  It’s doable, and I love the idea of brightly colored snowflakes all over the walls, but the heavier weight papers are DEFINITELY more difficult to fold AND cut.  They’ll hold up straighter on their own, but I’ve never had a problem with paper the weight of your standard computer paper.  Plus, it’s cheaper!