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Toddlers – especially mine – are masters of nonstop energetic destruction. If you know what I’m talking about, you also know it’s MANDATORY to leave the house.  Get out.  Go.  Burn off some of that energy. Mandatory or not, staying out and about all day is EXHAUSTING.  At the same time, I love it.  Walking and being outside when the weather is nice is definitely my favorite part of city living.  I get out, errands get taken care of, and we all get a bit of fresh air.

This week, the weather has been SO hit or miss in Chicago. Penny and I had been cooped up inside both going a little stir crazy.  When the weather opened up and we had the picture perfect late summer day, I jumped on it and decreed it was time to GET OUT.

We are prepping for my dream vacation to visit friends in Japan, and I’ve been making use of neighborhood swap groups to find the last minute essentials for our trip.  I had a camera bag to pick up from a friend who lives two miles away so I laced up my tennis shoes, packed up the stroller and off we went.

We made it down to my friend’s house and looped toward the Square when I started fading.  Fast. When your day is full of schlepping around on foot you’ve gotta fuel on the go, and it’s really tough for me not to stop in at any of the local eateries along the way that sell sugary temptations. Guys.  I’m serious; it’s a huge problem for me.  I have ZERO willpower but need something to help power through the rest of the day (and the final few miles home).  Cupcakes and chocolate croissants were calling my name and they were beckoning loudly.

I definitely prefer to fuel up on something with more nutrition than a cupcake, but need something a bit more exciting than water. That’s why I love Odwalla smoothies and juices.  I know I’m getting in great-tasting nutrition made with high-quality, Non-GMO ingredients.

From the 100% juices to smoothies, from protein-packed to almond milk shakes they all keep me ready to go while I’m on-the-go.  I appreciate knowing that I’m still getting fruits and veggies I may miss on days where I’m stuck in the toddler food purgatory known as “I will ONLY eat bread and cheese today” and the flavors are exciting enough to stave off the siren song of neighborhood sweets.

Part of our usual loop is our local Jewel store, which is AMAZING because they’re currently running a great deal right now where you can snag a coupon to save $1 on your next purchase of in-store fresh cut fruit when you buy any TWO (2) Odwalla 15.2 fl. oz. (You’ll receive a print out coupon at the register. Be quick, though, because the offer ends 10/31/2017!)

So I popped in, grabbed two of my favorite flavors (Original Superfood and Strawberry Protein), and a bowl of fruit for P and I to share.  I knew I was going to love the smoothies, but the fruit was a perfect companion snack!  P couldn’t keep her hands off it – literally.  I made an extra stop so she could chow down while I powered up.  It’s always awesome to bond over SMART snack options so she can grow to appreciate the tasty fruit and veggies options in addition to the occasional not-so-healthy options.  You know…. it’s all about balance, after all.

I was able to reboot and power up, so we stopped in some extra playground time to tire out my little monster.  And what do you know it worked! She was passed out in the stroller before we even made it home. #success

So stop by Jewel, try them out, treat yourself to a smoothie or two, and snag a sweet discount on an afternoon snack while you’re at it.  I have my eye on the Berries Gomega, Citrus C Monsters, and the Mocha Latte and Snickerdoodle Almond Milk Shakes for a special treat. SERIOUSLY. How good does a Snickerdoodle Shake sound?! And Penny is always up for more fruit.  ALWAYS.

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  1. I love odwalla’s green juice! I also love that I don’t have to share it with my kids because they assume anything green tastes yucky. 😛

  2. Great post! Makes me really want fruit and smoothies! I’ll have to check out that coupon deal too. And as always super cute pictures of you two!!

  3. Great idea. Always looking for easy quick ways to get nutritious food on the run with the littles. It never crossed my mind for some reason to try these protein smoothie drinks! Thanks for sharing.

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