Doodle Pants (and a “mammoth” giveaway!)

You might remember my post from June featuring the adorable elephant outfit sent to us by the awesome folks over at Doodle Pants in exchange for pictures and my honest review.

“People are so difficult. Give me an Elephant any day.” ~ Mark Shand

Well, I can’t give you a full-size elephant, but hold on to your pants, because Doodle Pants and I have joined forces to give you a chance to take your pint-sized pachyderm on parade!

I really love this hoodie. The construction is super solid, it washes well without losing shape or damaging the extra details, and it gets TONS of comments when we go out.

It’s really pretty perfect; it’s so sweet, and Penny has so much fun stomping around in it.  I mean, just look at those ears!  They flop around, and she just walks around swinging her head back and forth watching them swing.  It’s actually kind of hard to get a photo of her in it because she loves the way they move so much!

I’m also super jazzed about the details on the back of the sweatshirt.  The folks at Doodle Pants are really great about adorable details in their sets, and I love that the balloon motif carries over from the seat of the leggings to the front of the t-shirt to the back of the sweatshirt.    And the TAIL ON THE BACK OF THE SHIRT is too darn cute.

This sweatshirt is really great for every day adorable adventures, or excellent for a low maintenance but high cute factor Halloween costume.  I mean, come on, JUST LOOK AT THIS.

“I have a memory like an elephant. I remember every elephant I’ve ever met.” ~ Herb Caen

You can make your kiddo the most unforgettable elephant EVER.

So here it is!

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And if you want to pick up any other pieces from the folks at Doodle Pants, as always, code “Donuts20” will snag you 20% off!

I received free product in exchange for photos. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

62 thoughts on “Doodle Pants (and a “mammoth” giveaway!)

  1. I can’t get over how cute it is. I wonder if my daughter would let me put the hood up on it! It’s worth a try. She’s kind of an all or nothing kid. She’ll either want hood up ALL THE TIME and WOE be unto me if I ever take it down. Or she’ll never even let me put it up once just to get a picture. HA!

  2. So adorable!! Doodle pants are always so cute! Clara would love this outfit for going to the zoo! The elephants are her favorite!!

  3. This elephant hoodie is adorable! I’m so in love with the back details and Teddy would totally rock it at speech therapy because each room has an animal theme and the elephant room is his favorite!

  4. Oh, so darling! My animal lover would be obsessed. The tail on the back is the cutest touch.

  5. I adore this elephant hoodie! I am a big fan of anything with animal ears on it for my babe. You definitely can’t go wrong with big, floppy elephant ears. How adorable!

  6. My fave has got to be the big ole floppy ears!! It’s so freaking cute! And the perfect place to rock these doodle pants is the zoo of course! We love going to the zoo in cooler weather and this outfit is great for that!

  7. Love this elephant hoodie! We love elephants and this would be so cute on my 2 year old.

  8. I am so in love with this hoodie! My daughter would rock this at school, at the zoo EVERYWHERE! Eliana the elephant ? – so sweet! Her favorite would be the ears for sure. Being almost two is the best gift.

  9. This is too precious. Scarlett loves “elfants”. Thanks for the giveaway. Your stuff is too cute!

  10. This hoodie is so cute! Elephants have been apart of my daughters nursery and wardrobe since the day she was born! I imagine we would rock this bad boy all over the place! Especially to take some cute photos with her huge stuffed elephant. Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  11. This out fit is adorable! I love the ears on the hoodie as it really makes it unique and the pants look so comfy. This outfit would be perfect for the cool fall nights that will be coming soon or even a quiet day relaxing at home!

  12. That outfit is sooo adorable! Who wouldn’t want to stomp around like an elephant wearing that? ?

  13. Oh my goodness those ears ? This is adorable! My son loves hoodies and I just know he would never take this one off! He’d rock it everywhere!

  14. This hoodie is THE CUTEST!! My girl would absolutely ADORE it!! Those sweet ears on it are just precious for keeping my own kiddie’s ears warm!! Love love love it!!

  15. This hood is so cute! Pretty sure it would be a hit around here and my little guy would want to wear it just about everywhere ?

  16. Oh my goodness! I love the sweet elephant print and floppy ears on this hoodie! My girl would look adorable with her little elephant butt at Busch Gardens!! ??

  17. What a cute outfit! My daughter is totally obsessed with animals . Elephants are one of her favorites! She’d wear it to the zoo!

  18. I love this hoodie. Kathryn’s nursery was elephant themed. We would definitely wear it to the Zoo this Fall and Winter.

  19. Thanks for the review! I have two small girls and my toddler loves animal hooded sweaters and all things unique. Looks like I will be checking them out soon!

  20. This is so adorable! My little girl would look
    So cute in this! We could wear to the zoo to see the elephants!

  21. My favorite thing about the Elephant hoody is how versitile it looks! I think we could pair this with literally anything on a chilly WNY day!

  22. This jacket is so very cute!!! I’m obsessed with elephants, so I am definitely very in love with it! ?

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