Dear Supermom at the Hanna Andersson Grand Opening

Dear Supermom,

We are sort of unofficial line buddies from the Grand Opening of the Hanna store on Southport on Friday. Your kiddos are cute.  You rocked the last minute “wait in line for free pj’s.”  You kept saying, “I didn’t prepare for this,” like it was a knock from off your mom-points for the day, but isn’t that what mom-ing is all about?  We can pack, and prepare, and organize snacks and distractions until the cows come home, but being mom is about rolling with the punches.

Being mom is about keeping our toddlers from injuring themselves (because that seems to be what toddlers are always trying to do) while keeping the infant clean, fed, and *relatively* happy.  All while getting the older kids to and from summer camp and keeping ourselves fed, watered, and occasionally showered while we’re at it.

Your kiddos are not only adorable, but inquisitive, and ACTIVE.  Your daughter blew the manners of many other three year olds out of the water.  It seemed like you felt flustered as she did her toddler thing in a crowded store full of bright shinies to distract ANYONE – especially a toddler with an eye for cute accessories and princess wands – but you were ROCKING it, keeping her engaged and occupied.  I had to smile because I know that when Penny is older, she’s going to be JUST like your kiddo.

And I’ve been there, feeling stressed when the stroller-bound infant decides it’s time to GET OUT, and starts to lose their cool a little.  But there isn’t a single mom out there who’s kid is over the age of 1 who HASN’T experienced an epic grump fest that makes us feel like everyone is staring, just wishing the screams would stop.  But your son WASN’T screaming like that, and he was just a doll when it came to waiting-in-line peek-a-boos.

Mostly, I’m in awe of how well you handled the “I’m-not-going-to-wait-in-line” mama to tried to cut in front of you, rather than wait in the line the rest of us shoppers had stood in for almost 45 minutes.  You handled her with a LOT more grace and patience than I would have mustered.    For that especially, I’m labeling you as a Supermom.

I was so glad that my friend had Penelope out on a walk because I don’t know how I’d have managed one squirmy kid, and you made two look like a breeze.  You spoke with someone who was incredibly rude and condescending with patience and modeled how to handle difficult interactions with tact for your daughter (and me,too! TEACH ME!).

I’m grateful for you, my unofficial line buddy, and if you see this drop me a line.  I was far too sheepish to ask if you wanted to be Facebook friends, but …. I totally want to be Facebook friends… if you’ll have me.

The joint haul of amazing Pajamas that Angie and I picked up at the Hanna Andersson grand opening