Gift Guide for Cool Moms

Have a mother in your life who’s one cool mammajama?


Have you gotten her anything for Mothers Day? Well, Lucky for you (and her!) I’ve compiled a list of my favorite mothering and pampering items!  As a heads up, none of these are products I’ve received for testimonials: these are all 100% genuine Whitney picks.   *Side Note* If anyone is wondering what I want for Mother’s Day (or my birthday, which is the day AFTER Mother’s Day), you know what to do. 

  1. Diaper bag from  —  I’m a big fan of their Gail Satchel. Available in Brown or Black, just look how big this bag is! And how cute!  They have an insulated pocket for snacks and drinks and lots of organizational pouches.  This baby is number one on my wish list along with their upcoming Sophia bag. Even if mom doesn’t need to haul diapers – or even if the kids are all grown up – these bags are versatile and stylish enough to rock her world.
  2. Shirts from SpillTheBeans, Etc.  — Whether she’s Blessed with Boys or Graced with Girls, SpillTheBeans has the shirt for her.  I personally own their Milk Mermaid top and love it.  The quality is top notch, the color options are plentiful, the designs are awesome, and the prices are killer.
  3. Breastmilk Soap Kit — This is another great item for breastfeeding moms: a Breastmilk and Bubbles kit from Love Lincoln Shop!  I’m really excited about this one because it satisfies my pampering side and my DIY mad scientist side all at once.  The kit lets you make breastmilk soap with 1-2 ounces breastmilk in just 5 minutes! I have a few bags sitting in the freezer too old to give to Penny, but PERFECT for pampering. There are plent of other skin care sets, too!  Right now they’re offering a Mother’s Day deal through 5/14 using promo code MOMLIFE.  
  4. Chocolate you don’t eat — Speaking of pampering products, one of my favorite ever “me time” products is my homemade Cacao and Amazonian Clay face mask.  I’m sure I’ll make a blog post about it soon, but some similar products are available on etsy from shops like Savage Canary, and if you paired it with the Chocolate Mint Organic Lip Balm from Andrea’s Organic Market, and the amazing chocolate scent is so relaxing; it’s guaranteed to make mom’s day. 
  5. Personalized Sun Hat — I’m so enamored with these sequin embellished sun hats from QuinnLuu.  Available in whatever sassy saying the mom in question finds near and dear to her heart these hats are a chic way to protect her skin this summer and spring while looking fabulous (but maybe stay away from phrases like, “because I said so, that’s why,” “don’t touch the poop,” or “stop hitting your sister”).
    Seriously. How amazing are these hats?
  6. LeSportsac x Rifle Paper Co Constellation Weekender — I told myself I wouldn’t add any more bags to the list, but I have a bag problem, and once I saw this weekender bag on the Rifle Paper Co website, I fell in love.  Hard.  It’s a splurge for a weekender bag, but LeSportsac holds up, and folds up small for storage.
    I’m such a sucker for constellation prints.
  7. Temporary Tattoos — Hey. These are cool moms we’re talking about here.  And these temporary tatoos (or these ones) from Rifle Paper Co will show everyone just how cool she is.
  8. A Babyloafs Custom Family Pillow — Full disclosure, I’m biased, but I think you should pick up a custom group pillow doll from Babyloafs for any mom in your life.  Each custom doll is drawn individually from images you submit and no two are the same. 
  9. Lularoe Ana Dress – By far, my favorite item in the Lularoe catalog is their Ana dress.   It dresses up and down, is machine washable, and is oh-so-very-flattering.  I’m a pretty firm believer that everyone should own at least one (or two, or three) of these pretties regardless of their stance on leggings.  Some of my favorite ladies who stock the Ana dress are Amber Blue, Kim Szymanski, and Jen Burns.  The dresses are a little work to “hunt down,” but every time I see an Ana dress I want it.  Seriously, guys, she’s perfect.  And I’m not usually one to spend $60 on a dress. 

So. There you go. Ten suggestions of gifts for the “Cool Moms” in your life. And, if you wanted to send something my way…. just ask. 😉