May the 4th Be With You!

May the 4th Be With You!


Mom and Daughter wearing Shirts from WIRE AND HONEY that have a Pinup Princess Leia posing like Rosie the Riveter on them and say "Fight like a girl."
These shirts from Wire and Honey have my <3.

*and also with you*   … sorry. I can’t help myself. 😉

I love, love, love, love, love, lovety LOVE me some STARWARS.  …Except for the first three episodes, but we don’t talk about those, do we?  DO WE.

Last year I sort of did absolutely nothing for May the 4th.  I was still in the, “I’m okay leaving the house when I have to, but I pretty much hang out at home and don’t do extra things because I’m sleep deprived and I have a four-month-old who screams bloody murder when she even looks at a car seat,” phase.  I probably watched STARWARS: CLONE WARS, but I can’t remember – seriously, guys, I was pretty sleep deprived.

But this year?  Oh no.  This year we were doing it right.   …Almost.

If there’s one place in Vegas I’ve come to love it is the Downtown Container Park.  A few steps away from Fremont Street (you know, the place where Rusty Griswold won all those cars?) is a lovely open air “Mall” made of repurposed shipping containers.  You can find killer hotdogs, an awesome cup of coffee, and pretty much any niche of gift or personal item you didn’t-know-you-needed but discovered you-really-pretty-much do.  The (parenting) jewel on the container park crown is the giant playplace/playhouse structure in the middle and open astroturf greenspace by the stage.  It’s great to head to and be outside when the weather is nice, and they have giant legos, balls, small basketball hoops, and other things for kids of all ages to play with.

On weekends or holidays they hold events and show movies.  For May the 4th – you guessed it – they showed a Star Wars movie: Rogue One.  We were also treated to a giant lightsabre battle on stage. And we met Darth Vader.  Penny was NOT a fan.

Penny tolerated the Storm Troopers. She wouldn’t go anywhere NEAR Darth Vader. I’m such a sad Sith Mama.

The movie started after Penny’s bedtime, and we almost made it through. …and by “almost” I mean, “She wouldn’t sit still so we watched the first 30 minutes and went home to watch it on Netflix DVD.”  Baby steps.  Baby steps.

Speaking of, “baby steps,” I totally wore my R2D2 socks.


Shirts: Wire & Honey

Mom’s Headband: Noxx

Mom’s Vest and Skirt: Lularoe Amber Blue

Penny’s Shoes: Converse

Mom’s Shoes: Keds


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    1. It’s really a blast during events especially. The coffee shop and the hotdog place are especially great. And just around the corner is Bronze Cafe at The Market. LOVE their sandwiches and smoothies.

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